In loving memory of Johnny M. Jones (WA6RHK) Life PRA member

Welcome to the NEW PRA repeaters page!

Live on 6/14/21, We have lunched the new P.R.A. repeaters page. Moving forward, there will be two separate websites: “P.R.A. Repeaters” and “P.R.A. Club”. Once the new club website is launched, we will provide a link to it from the repeaters page. This change offers a clear understanding that even though we all use the same name, the club and repeater operations (Tower Sites) are taken care of by different volunteers. A very special Thank You, to William, K7THO for providing many years of hosting and countless hours of web development.

P.R.A. operates the largest communication radio network in Oregon along with the highest repeater at Steens Mountain 10,000 Ft. Covering all of Interstate 5 and most of highway 101, 97 & 20. Also providing coverage from Redding California, North, through Oregon, to Vancouver/Battle Ground Washington. Please take a moment and read our Policy page to learn how we operate along with contact info. Welcome to the system!

Please join our Facebook group “PRA Repeater Info Center” Please have your call sign in your nickname and click display on profile (Required to be granted access). This is our quickest and most reliable source to update you with system changes, outages, photos and more.

*** NEW *** Radio-Less adapter for Allstar nodes now availible at ALLSTARNODES.COM

*** EVEN MORE NEW *** We have installed tower top cameras at some sites. Visit FIREWATCH.LIVE

Donations directly to the repeater fund can be made here REPEATER DONATIONS

Allstar reflector node 47178 Please visit our INFO PAGE for more information and access.


6/18/2021 145.110 Steens Mtn. 10,000 Ft. power restored!

5/2021 147.340 Mount Hagan rebuilt after holiday farm fire destroyed the site
5/2021 147.160 Soda Mt. Link repaired and power amplifier replaced
6/2021 146.940 King Mt. upgrade to allstar voip link
6/2021 145.390 Bear Mt. restored after lots of work and site improvements……